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Milk and Honey

Today I was thinking about the times Adam and Eve had in the garden. They had everything they could ever need.  Most importantly they had a relationship with their Father.  They also had the freedom to choose…….

It is funny how I am so like my heavenly dad.  I love when my kids choose what I would for them.  I know them so well and always have their best interest at heart.  So I want them to have the very best.  I also love to provide for them.  However, I have to let my kids choose what they believe is best for them.  And like, my heavenly dad, I am so happy for them when they choose the best for themselves.  I am happy, they are happy; it is a WIN/WIN situation.

My thoughts then wandered to my own relationship with my heavenly dad.  I believe that I too like Adam and Eve can live in the paradise of fullness having a close and intimate relationship with my dad.  I have choices too.  I can  rest with him and live like a daughter or come out of his lap and try to run things on my own…..like Adam and Eve.  I didn’t stop becoming his daughter just because I got out of His lap!  Thankfully, he loves me so much that he always has a plan to help me clean up my messes!!!  His grace is sufficient. I love how he pursues me and is always GOOD! The good news is that he always has my back and I can go to him without feeling like he is going to punish me because I did something wrong. His grace is sufficient!  Christ blood is strong enough to let nothing get in the way of Papa’s love for me……

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  1. Maty Blanton says:

    I decided that I would be your first member!!!!! I love you, go girl!

  2. Tanya Street says:

    Thanks Maty. Giving it all away, making room for more!! I love you too!

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