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Boat Trip

I was listening to one of Graham Cooke’s teachings and was reminded of the story of Jesus taking a boat trip with his disciples to the “other side”.  This story always brings me to a place of remembering God’s provision and promises.  A couple times in my life I let financial circumstances bring me to a place where I felt like I brought myself out of the truth of God’s care for me.  One particular time I was in church and I was begging for God to help me in my financial need.  Just like the disciples, although Jesus was in the boat and told them they were going to the other side, I became desperate and frantic.  I was not acting like a daughter or even that fact that Jesus is with me through everything. I let my circumstance dictate truth for me instead of the truth dictating my circumstances. The truth was that they were going to the other side!

Conway, WALES
What is my truth?

I have felt just like them…..Then Jesus in his kindness comes into my situation and quiets the storms.   One time I was at the altar crying out to him.  The pastor began to speak on the mic and of course not knowing what I was praying or why I was crying, spoke out and said, “Haven’t I always provided for you?  Have I ever left you?  Will I not perform what I have said over you? ”  I knew my Papa was talking to me!! Whew!  My answer was “Yes, Yes, Yes!”.  
He is a good Dad.  I love that he just wants me to sit in his lap and receive his best for me.  His kindness is so sweet and his mercies are endless!

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