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He Is So Into Me

Love is so pursuing.  The fire of love cannot be quenched.  He is love and so if that is true then his pursuit of me is loving, not punishing.  He is after me, chasing me, dancing over me, finding ways to bless me.  I am always on his mind.  His pursuit is real.  Very real.  I never imagined that creator of heaven and earth was so in love with me and would waste his time on me.  What a love story!!??! He never lets go of me.  What I love the most is that I have my own relationship with him and no one can take that from me.  He is  who he is to me!! He loves each of us the same but uniquely.  Since  He is the creator, He knows each of us and how we receive love.  I love to be loved by him!  Now we are making up for times I just wouldn’t receive all that he had for me.  And we are having a ball doing it! 
Swansea, Wales
He is faithful to do anything.  
All of his promises are yes and true.  He is a God of his word, he does not lie.  I challenge you to remember all the promises of God for you individually in your life.  I encourage you to dream with him and rest in the truth that his love for you is unfathomable.  I can sense his LOVE for you even as I am typing this!  Whoever is reading this….He has love for you today.  He wants you to know his heart for you!!!  Whoa!!!!  LOL! He is so excited about what you and him will be doing together.  Just trust him, he says.  He is for you and never, ever against you!  Enjoy your day today getting to know more about your heavenly daddy!  HAHAHAHA!!! The JOY of the LORD issssss  your strength!!  http://youtu.be/GheTxJ1F-mw  
Just listen to this song on youtube and listen to the heart of the lover of your soul who just wants to spend time with you. I dare you!  

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