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Declaration of Love

You promised to love me…..I want to know that you love me without reservation.  Give me GRACE to believe that you really love me.  You said to seek the Kingdom first, I don’t know how to; show me how to.  You said that you reveal your secrets to friends…..I want to be your friend. I want to know you like those in the bible, but I want my own story with you!!!!  I want to KNOW for myself that you are real!

These were the cries of my heart out of desperation to be filled with this Agape LOVE the bible speaks about.  I wanted it so bad.  I wanted it to flood me to overflowing.  I wanted to breath his breathe…I wanted him more than anything! 
The things of this world were killing me….I was killing me!  I wanted death, because love would not stay. I wanted to taste death because I could not bear living without the LOVE my soul desperately desired!!  I knew I was missing something that only He could fill me with.

Deep cries out to deep, is what he would say to me.  
I began to search for LOVE like a treasure.  I found myself looking everywhere for it.  My journey became deeper and deeper until I found promises for LOVE!  I would read my bible finding scriptures where he loved another.  You see, I thought he was like man.  How on earth could he love me like he loved others?  I thought that my life was unlovable.  My actions did not compare to the cries of my heart and soul.  I was in and out of relationships putting myself in situations where death would easily find me.

Deep cries out to deep, is what he would say to me.

Come to find out, as I was crying out for him (deep); He was crying out for me (deep).
As He was crying out for me (deep) and I was crying out for him (deep)!

He wanted exactly what I wanted.  LOVE!!!  He had been loving me, but I was not receiving his love for me!!  I was constantly tossing it, thinking that I wasn’t GOOD enough for it.  Trying to find ways to earn it, not even aware of what true love really meant.  Supernatural love….Agape love.  This Agape love is incomparable to anything I have ever known.  It is more than the air I used to breathe, better than the love I used to know, smells better than any flower, sweeter than any dream……it is my greatest reward.

When I realized that I was in a place where He was loving me and I was not receiving, I would just start declaring our love for one another.  That’s what I want for you, the reader.  The one who may be feeling some of the ways that I used to feel…..or not.  We all have our own love story.  Anyway, I would just make love declarations, because I knew one day I would believe every last one of them.

So here goes…… LOVE is Kind!!!!!  Now say LOVE is kind to me!!
LOVE is Good!!  Now say LOVE is Good to me!
I receive all of God’s LOVE for me!
Talk to him personally…..say, I have GRACE to receive all of your love for me!!
You, are my GREATEST reward!!
You, are all I have every wanted!!
You, bring me Joy!!
You are GOOD!  You are LOVE!  And I receive all that you have for me!
You are the best and you want the best for me, TODAY, I receive your best for me!!
I am YOURS and YOU are mine.
I love you because you already loved me and I am loving you back with the love I receive from you.  I cannot love you with any other love…especially any love that I think I have earned.  I just deeply love you, because your love for me is so deep!! So go ahead and love me deeply!! And I can’t wait to love right back on you, deeply!!

Create your own LOVE declarations!!!  I just wanted to share some of my story and give some love away.  You know…..the more you give, the more you get!  So I am off to drink some more love juice!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!  Being with him is my favorite thing to do!!

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  1. Yolanda says:

    Love It. <3 Love you<3 Thanks for expressing How. Never knew I felt. ...

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