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United At Last

Wow!!  I don’t know what happened!  One moment, I have nothing to say openly about politics and then today I can’t get the topic off my heart.  The feeling of injustice made me look to Papa God and ask him to put things back into perspective for me.  In doing so a couple of things happened.

I said to him,”Father, how can one person change a nation?” After saying this, Father God and I discussed his moments with Moses, Abraham, Noah, Esther and so forth.  I think you get my point.  In case you don’t, these heroes in our bible had such a relationship with God that still arouses our hearts today.  Their walk with God was incredibly close.  Close enough that they were able to influence the heart of God….then I thought,”Well that was then, this is now..Papa God, I feel so insignificant! I don’t think that just me, one little person could influence your heart to change the heart of an entire nation!! That’s crazy!”  Then I thought about that and ask Papa God, “Well, what do you thing about that?”  As soon as I asked, Joy Unspeakable flooded me totally!!  I fell out laughing as a Good friend of the body of Christ came to mind.  Steve Backlund!!  Papa put Steve right up to my face.  Steve was laughing his socks off and said to me, “Now let’s just laugh at that!!”  Oh wow!  You just gotta know Steve www.ignitedhope.com.

Ok….back to my time with Papa!!  So Papa God and I laughed at that lie.  Surely the enemy would want me, Tanya, to believe such a stupid lie!! Wow!  I can influence God’s heart.  I love it!!

So in my complete freedom to be me…I am going to share something with you all.  Listen.

Martin Luther King Jr.  had a dream.  He saw something and partnered with it.  He had a dream that one day blacks and white would hold hands across this nation…..you know the rest.  Maybe not word for word, but the heart of it.  He saw a vision and make it plain so we would know it…inside.  He made it so plain that he caused us to see it.

I would love paint a picture for you as well…

I see a nation who is not concerned about the political party of our neighbor, but rather the condition our own Party (pity party)in our own hears.  The truth is we believe things about ourselves that is not true.  We stay to ourselves, only letting people see the good, so we don’t look like the bad.  Somehow we as Christians have lost our voice to speak into our own lives, let along the lives of our neighbors.  So how can we love our neighbors as ourselves.  Instead, we no longer rely on the world to rescue us, we will rise up as sons!  The world is waiting for us!  We are IT! YAY!!!!!

I see a nation, whose Christians take authority over their own lives.  Their walk with Christ is such a walk that causes other nations to be zealous.

I see a nation whose Christians understands Christ’s love for them.  A people who know they are loved and supported by their God and freely give that love away!

I see a nations whose Christians know what to do and what to say because of their favor with the KING!  They walk with their God!  They love each other and their enemies!  They don’t beg for authority, or fight each other for it!  Their voices are heard in all the earth because their voices sounds like LOVE!

 A united choir singing the very heart of their beloved!

Is this a fantasy
I used to believe that love was just for the romantics!  Or,  I have been told that it is not for the “real world” with “real problems” and for “real people”.

Now….. LET’S just LAUGH at that!!  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  hehehehe!!!  LOL!!  HOHOHOHO!!! LOL!! CRACKING UP OVER HERE!!!! Whew!!

I love you!

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