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My favorite uncle is slipping away.  I got to see him and take care of him for three days.  He always said that I would do that.  “Tanya, will you come take care of me when I get ready to die?”  He would ask me sometimes.  “Of course, Uncle Ronnie!” I would say.  He would always follow-up with, ” I know you will make sure I am looking good!” He is tooo funny.  He had some insight years ago as to how his life would end. 

Uncle Ronnie was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer just 4 weeks ago.  Since then his health has taken a dramatic turn. Uncle Ronnie is also my Godfather.

I got to be with him Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  By his side, feeding him, kissing him, watching him breathe, and sleep.  He would tell me to sit down, or stop doing so much.  I didn’t feel like that at all.  It was an honor to just be with him during his transition from his earthly body.  I watched him go from eating with the intend to leave the hospital to go home, to just making him comfortable enough to breathe well.  That’s what we all wanted finally, just for him to be as comfortable as possible.
It was awesome seeing other family and friends who all call him “Uncle Ronnie”.  There were stories shared, catching up with each other…..exactly how it would be if we were at his funeral.  Except he was there, a part of it all.  One cousin was telling a story and forgot a part of it, and Uncle Ronnie reminded her a portion of it.  We all laughed!!!  That was just on Saturday.  I remember him saying through the year things like, “If you don’t come see me alive, don’t come crying at my funeral!”  Hahaha!!  Wow!  I love how God hears our hearts and gives us what we want.  He also would complain about how people would get flowers after they die and talk about all the money that was spent and the person is dead and can’t even enjoy them.  I made sure Uncle Ronnie had some flowers in his room!!  So many family members came to see him ALIVE!!!!   He loved seeing all his nieces, nephews, grandchildren, cousins, friends, so many were pouring him to see the “favorite” uncle.  He has impacted so many lives.  I am so honored to have a loving man to love me as a father would love his daughter.

My last moments with him were the hardest.  I had to leave to come back home.  I bend down close to him to tell him that I have to leave for a few days and I am coming back Friday and he doesn’t acknowledge it. He just closed his eyes. I know he is finding a way to tell me that tonight would be the last night I would see him alive.  He just says really quite….”Okay, then, I will see you tomorrow.”  My heart broke right at that moment, but I knew he didn’t want to see me cry….

I take the moment to kiss him on the forehead leaving drops of kisses on his head hoping it would just blend into his skin leaving a mark of love and miss yous for him to remember as he leaves his body soon.

He opens his eyes and stares at me…..saying nothing with his mouth, but I hear his heart through his eyes.  They said to me,”You were always loved by me.  You are so beautiful.  Keep your head up, and finally, keep that beautiful smile.” I just smiled at him with a nod letting him know that I see him and hear him.  kissed him again and left.

Uncle Ronnie….thank you for showing me a father’s love. Now go get some more of that love from the Father himself!!  Hahaha!!  I love you!! 

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  1. NaturallyV says:

    thank you for sharing this…many forget how important it is to spend quality time with each other and just be ourselves, fully accepted…your Uncle Ronnie was an anchor in your life……priceless. “V”

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