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An Open Book

I am attempting to write a book and have become so frustrated because I have so much to say!! I start writing and then I get inspired from one of my own thoughts and then I go down a rabbit trail.  I have so many of them so far, I decided to just go with it and retitle my book “Rabbit Trails”!!!  I know, great idea, don’t steal it, I may actually do it! Haha! 
Anyway, I have also decided that maybe I can’t blog or write like I want to because I am trying too hard to put my life in order and write about it.  There’s just so much.  Then I was inspired by a movie I watched which was advised by a friend who obviously knew I was struggling, to watch Julie & Julia.  Great movie…..and yes I understood.  So I have decided to not promise anything to myself or to others but to simply “BE ME” as much as possible.  When I decided that, I felt like the heavens opened and the fat lady sang!!!  Thank you Jesus!! 
Honestly, I just want to share my story and help others especially women find their own stories and purpose in life.  In spite of all things the truth is that in this world, we all face challenges.  Some challenges are really hard and then there are those that are harder.  I have found that with every challenge comes a call and an opportunity to respond.  I want to always respond better with a new challenge then how I responded with the last one.  What is the most rewarding is when I   face a challenge, get through it and didn’t even realize it was a challenge.  There isn’t anything too hard to get through, get over, or get by……just don’t stop.  Don’t stay in the place looking at your challenge like how the children of Isreal looked at Goliath…..for those of you who aren’t christians or don’t know this story look it up, it is a good one (it’s in the bible).  Instead, look at it like David did.  He knew what what the truth was about his challenge.  The truth was that nothing is too hard for God.  He knew that God was real and his words were true.  So David just took him at his word and trusted.  That’s it…..at first.  Yes, there was something David had to do.  Aside from telling his contender his future of death coming, David was going to have even more fun at getting through this challenge by showing off his skills!!  Rock slinging!!  Awesome!  He killed a giant by slinging a rock at him!  Wow! Crazy!!!  Sometimes when we face our challenges we think they will kill us even though we may make it through the other side.  That’s not true.

First, lean into God’s ideas about you. 
Learn to embrace them and love them until they become your own thoughts and ideas about yourself.  
So when you face your challenges, all you see is HOPE, LOVE and your FUTURE!!!  
and GO for it!!!!  
The other side is good.  
Matter of fact, the other side it GREAT!!

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