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Courage To Be You

tanya-photoThese past few weeks much attention has been going towards human trafficking awareness. I have been so humbled by these recent events. Telling my story over and over again has continued to give me courage when I thought courage was just a single destination with no build. Courage, I have learned is so much more. Courage is alive. It grows. It matures. I find that I keep pressing into courage’s boundaries in my life. The boundary lines continue to move and I find myself face to face with another challenge and here comes courage once again as fierce as a lion’s strength showing up in the least obvious of places.

So, with courage, I have found a place of writing. My blogs have be few and far in between, and that is because I’d rather talk then write. However, I feel as though I am not reaching enough people. My goal is to inspire people to be themselves. After I do an event, I always think afterwards something like this, “I should’ve said this or that”. Well this is my chance. In the middle of the night I can talk to you, the reader, inspire you to live or dream or just to simply be you.

My inspiration today is to tell you that YOU are irreplaceable. You don’t need anyone to tell you who you are. You really know it deep inside. Sometimes people can affirm what we already know about ourselves, but most of the time a person can look right inside of themselves and pull out their own answers for life. I believe that God doesn’t leave us to figure it all out blindly. A lot of times we know things about ourselves, but instead of embracing those truths, we’d rather ignore them and then never learn who we really are.

If you will not fight for you, then who will? If you don’t take the time out for yourself, then whose job is it to give you the attention you need? No other human can give you what only you can give you. Now we can go back to courage. It takes courage to believe yourself. Those times you may have caught yourself daydreaming about some impossible dream, you should go grab those and pay attention to what you are telling you about yourself. No more glimpses of who you may be, turn those glimpses into realities. No more daydreaming…live out what you see. Start going after those things you see yourself doing. Start lining yourself up with destiny. Don’t wait for someone to come tell you what you should do. There will never be another like you…not “before” you, the “now” you or “after” you. You are IT. If you don’t do it, then no one else will. Those are your dreams. So I am asking you to show yourself. Be YOU.

My deal with myself is to be me as much as possible at every moment until I find it uncomfortable to be anything else but me.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Amazing! Keep telling your story!

  2. Brenda Lawrence says:

    Thank you for being you! I am struggling with who I am and what am I suppose to do with the knowledge I have from many years of abuse.

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