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Only Believe


This morning was a challenging one.  I began my conversation with Father God as soon as I woke up.  I am a “feeler” and I was sensing a whole lot of things.  I looked on a few of my social media accounts and felt a connection to the “shaking” that’s going on in the world all around us.  I prayed, meditated, and went on ahead to prepare for the day.  As I drive to the office I noticed the clouds in front of me. They were just so dark and seemed unpredictable.  I just couldn’t shake the feeling of uneasiness I was sensing.  I began to talk to the Lord about it while I was driving towards these dark clouds.

Me: God, What is this?

God: Don’t be afraid, only believe.

Me: I know, but this feeling is so strong inside of me.  What is this?

God: Don’t be afraid, only believe.

Me: But Lord, I feel like my world is shaking.  I feel like things are changing.  I want to control them, but I know you know it all together.  It’s just scary.  I feel like I’ve never been here in this place before.  I don’t know what to do.

God: Don’t be afraid, only believe.

Me: But Father, I need something practical.

God: ……….

Me: Believe what????

God: Believe Me…Look at me…. Don’t move from what I have told you. Don’t move from whom I created you to be. Stand strong. Trust me. What are more practical then my words? My words for you are your anchor, your shield.  They are very real and very practical.  They are alive in you.  My words are alive and living in you and through you.  Believe them.

I realized that I could make a choice.  “Don’t be afraid,” says to me that I can choose to be afraid or not.  I can partner with what’s going on around me or I can just believe what he has already said to me before anything was created.

So I encourage YOU today to just believe whatever he has said to you. Take the time to meditate on it.  What has he spoken to your heart? What is it you know to be true between Him and You?  What words has he spoken into your existence? Those words are just as powerful as the universe and everything else He has ever created.  Those words are so unique to you.  All you have to do is BELIEVE.

Me: I choose to not be afraid.  I believe you, Father.


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