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New Documentary: In Plain Sight: Human Trafficking

Recently Tanya Street participated in this three part series with Cox Creative Services, bringing you a surprising documentary focusing on Human Trafficking in Virginia. This documentary includes interviews from a survivor, a Congressman, Police Detectives focused on the issue, and advocates fighting it daily. We hope this comprehensive investigation alerts the public on the dangers, the warning signs, and what to do to help prevent our children and fellow adults from falling into the trap of this horrific crime.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Cox’s human trafficking focus on the local area continues with segment 2, getting more in depth as Tanya attempts to deal with the reality of being trafficked. Hear vivid details about daily life as well as from agencies who have had their eyes opened to the full scope of the problem of Human Trafficking.

Part 3:

The surprising documentary closes with powerful statements of those we interviewed. A story that started with a different focus but became an in depth look into the very real human trafficking problem in local communities, and how to combat the issue.

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