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Becoming Me

I have been examining this thought for quite some time. It comes from the story in the Bible I heard retold in a message by Richard Rohr entitled, Practicing Radical Compassion. Richard took me in my imagination to a moment in time when Jesus was in the room with the disciples after his resurrection and invited Thomas to touch him in his side; to put his finger in his wound. That’s when it made so much sense to me.

Since 2012, I have shared my story of being a victim of sex trafficking at least 100 times. I feel like each time I’ve shared my story I too was like Jesus asking those who doubt to put their fingers in my wound. I have been asking those who are curious about sex trafficking to come a little closer and touch my pain. I want those who want to help bring awareness to the issue to understand fully what it is like to go through what myself and others have gone through. In my mind I am thinking, “unless you are willing to become me, how can you really help me?” Unless you are willing to identify with my pain and stand for a moment in my shoes, how do you really know anything about what you can do to positively impact the human trafficking issue in the world?

I do believe people have great intentions, but great intentions alone are not substantial enough. We need heart connections in this movement. We need people who have a sense of compassion that runs deep from a place of connecting. Then, there’s no doubting. Like Thomas, Jesus explains to him that unless he puts his finger in his wound, doubting will happen!

I implore you. Don’t let the issue of human trafficking become just another fad for you. Let it mean something. When I stand before you and open myself up to you, I am inviting you to see my pain. It is a way for you to come into my world. Don’t back away. I do this so you will share in the horrors and reality of what it means to be exploited for the benefit of someone else’s gain. I share with you because I want you to see it through my own perspective, so you will believe. I want you to understand the details of my abuse and the deception that lead me into the trap. I also want to see you embrace my reality as truth and assist me in giving a voice to those who lost it.

If you really want to help me, become me.

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