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What is it like living with the fact that you are a survivor of human trafficking?

I know others have faced experiences worse than mine. And for me, having to face the horrors of events and believe its reality has been hard. But, it’s also given me an appreciation for living and gratitude for the opportunity to heal. This opportunity is available for everyone. As I embraced the healing process, I realized I hadn’t come to […]

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Courage To Be You

These past few weeks much attention has been going towards human trafficking awareness. I have been so humbled by these recent events. Telling my story over and over again has continued to give me courage when I thought courage was just a single destination with no build. Courage, I have learned is so much more. Courage is alive. It grows. […]

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A New Day of Loving

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I really believe that this is a new day. The heavens are open and there’s such an opportunity for more from our loving Dad.  So I decided to start a blog…I have always wanted to. Now, let me warn you….I didn’t read the blog rule book, so please don’t get mad at me if I mess up…just love me. I […]

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