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Only Believe

This morning was a challenging one.  I began my conversation with Father God as soon as I woke up.  I am a “feeler” and I was sensing a whole lot of things.  I looked on a few of my social media accounts and felt a connection to the “shaking” that’s going on in the world all around us.  I prayed, […]

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Courage To Be You

These past few weeks much attention has been going towards human trafficking awareness. I have been so humbled by these recent events. Telling my story over and over again has continued to give me courage when I thought courage was just a single destination with no build. Courage, I have learned is so much more. Courage is alive. It grows. […]

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Boat Trip

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I was listening to one of Graham Cooke’s teachings and was reminded of the story of Jesus taking a boat trip with his disciples to the “other side”.  This story always brings me to a place of remembering God’s provision and promises.  A couple times in my life I let financial circumstances bring me to a place where I felt […]

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