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Tanya’s personal account of sexual exploitation is a story that offers anyone working with survivors of human trafficking an inside look at what goes on in the mind and much of the thought processes of a victim.

tanya1During her training sessions, participants will be able to:

Learn keys to identification

Be encouraged to collaborate with community partners

Understand the mindset of victims at different stages

Outline of Training Sessions include:

  • Survivor’s Story
  • Definition of Domestic Sex Trafficking/Sexual Exploitation
  • Common terms, terminology, and language
  • Video about Trafficking
  • Immediate, medium, and longer term needs
  • Identifying Victims
  • Screening Questions to Assess Whether a Person is a Trafficking Victim
  • Understanding the Mindset/Communication with Victims
  • Medical and Health Problems Seen in Trafficking victims
  • PTSD , Trauma, Stockholm Syndrome (DSM IV Meanings)
  • Building Relationships


Consulting and Mentoring Contracts are also available.  Please use our Contact Form to request a call from Tanya Street.


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