What We Do

Identifiable Me, a Virginia Benefit Corporation, exists to help eradicate gender based violence and inequality towards women.  Identifiable Me seeks to restore dignity, value, and purpose in these individuals.  This is done by creating design centers to help women who are facing shame and hopelessness.  These services help targeted women learn value and worth, through innovative inspiration; and connecting these women with like-purpose stakeholders in the art, fashion, professional and media industry.

In addition, Identifiable Me has a for-profit component that sells services such as individual identity coaching, inspirational workshops, hands on inspirational design labs and products such as books and curriculum.  Further, Identifiable Me demonstrates knowledge of gender based violence through its educational displays in the community.  Working with other stakeholders, Identifiable Me looks to help catalyze the Hampton Roads area into providing dispirited women inspiration and an opportunity for understand their own purposes, which benefits the community as a whole.

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Identity Coaching

Trafficking Awareness Presentations

Human Trafficking Training


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