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So Let’s Talk About Sex Trafficking

What is it?

What does it look like?

We all have an idea … but what does it really look like? Identifiable Me is going to give you stories of trafficked victims …

Not for you to have a cup of coffee in the morning and donut on our account.

Not to give you a feel good moment when you just simply tell our stories to someone else … But to let you know really what it is like

The truth behind the faces you see everyday in school, work, church and anywhere else. So many people have this story and are afraid or better yet…ashamed of their past. It is however, the past that give others a brighter future. It is identifying and coming to face with the past that gives one the authority to embrace their future knowing full well that the past can be the best springboard one could have to set one on higher ground and keep running towards something brighter. There is something about confronting those hidden issues that allows hope to shine brighter than ever before for someone else. Hope is what we are going for. A better me and better you.

Tammi: “I didn’t know I was trafficked. I didn’t know that’s what it was even called.”

Monique: “I can’t even say much about it, because my pimp will find me. I know he is still out there somewhere looking for me.”

Tonoa: “I was so gullible…I thought I could change his mind about me…things had gotten so bad with us because I kept making mistakes. I just wanted to be his queen again.”

Tonoa: “I was so broken and thought his love for me was all I could ever have. And so I did my very best to make it all that I wanted.”

Interviewer: “Why didn’t you let anyone else know?”

Tonoa: “I was ashamed! At the time I felt that being with him was better than being with my family who disowned me.”

Tonoa: “I was abused when I was little so I thought I could take it since I couldn’t feel any more.”

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